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Drew Macias trains with ALLSTAR ACE 5000

   Macias was called up to San Diego on September 6, 2008 and was impressive in his first major league start in the outfield, chalking up 3 hits in 5 at bats, 2 RBIs and a home run into the right field bleachers for his first major league hit.

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2008 Summer Nationals MVP


                    Holly Hawkins (#14)                             Holly's ALLSTAR ACE 5000         

Holly takes "Live" BP at home

Holly Hawkins (#14) in just a few short months after getting her ALLSTAR ACE 5000 Fastpitch System went from batting 7th to 2008 Summer Nationals MVP.


UNI Head Coach: Rick Heller

           Joyner Technologies has created what all hitting coaches have been waiting for which is a video pitching machine that is not only affordable but on the cutting edge of technology. The ALLSTAR PRO 5000 is incredible! Coupled with the HomePlate Pitching Machine from Sports Tutor, you have a system that can throw different sequences of pitches at your command and the video quality will blow you away. It's just like hitting off a live pitcher! The timing is perfect. We sent video of our own pitchers to Joyner Technologies so that we would have a mix of different size right and left handed pitchers, both from the wind up and the stretch. From the stretch, you can see both glide and lift guys.

The system is of the highest quality technology and most important to me is easy to run! I can't tell you how happy we are to have Joyner Technologies' first video system that is able to mix different pitches every 10 seconds. We feel like we do a great job of teaching mechanics and try our best to teach guys the value of pitch selection. In our system, we try to only swing at pitches that we can crush early in the count. This is hard to simulate and teach without live pitching. Now we can work on it every day we hit if we choose too. You can sequence eight pitches from 90 MPH sinkers to 80 MPH sliders to 70 MPH 12-6 curve balls. You can have eight different sequences of eight pitches with the touch of a button. We can now work on our two strike approach with realistic speed and location using the simulated pitcher. The teaching opportunities are limitless with this system, plus the players want to hit on their own even more than they did before.

One other advantage to the ALLSTAR PRO 5000 is
Joyner Technologies added a pick-off series. When we ordered our machine, We discussed the value of having a pick-off series. What Joyner Technologies came up with is what I believe to be the only one of it's kind in the world. It will blow you away! You can now work on live reads at first from both left and right handed pitchers. He sequenced the picks in random so your players will not just memorize when the pitcher is going to pick or go to the plate. When the pitcher picks at first the ball actually comes out of the machine.  It is a totally realistic read! You can send Joyner Technologies video of all the different reads and they will work it into your system. You have to see it to believe it.

Combine all of this with what you can do with your camps and you have something really special. I'm glad we decided to get the ALLSTAR PRO 5000. It's everything we had hoped for and much, much more - Rick Heller.

Ryan Jacobs (UNI Assistant Coach) stands in against the ALLSTAR PRO 5000 Hit/Run Trainer.



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